There is an old stoner’s myth that adding a little bit of tobacco to weed will increase your high. UCL conducted a study and we now know for sure what happens when you mix cannabis with tobacco.

 Before we give you the results of the study, let us tell you some of the common myths with mixing.

 Some smokers believe tobacco in a joint will give a smoother smoke than just raw weed. Others believe it will help the throat from getting itchy due to the sudden introduction of THC. In some countries, they call the mixed joint as a spliff. It is a common practice in Europe and Australia.

They say a spliff gives a more relaxed and controlled high than smoking pure cannabis. Some people mix tobacco with their cannabis because it makes the joint burn faster and at a higher temperature, giving stronger hits.

 Incidentally, people who don’t smoke tobacco never mix it with their weed.

So, coming back to the main study conducted by UCL, the only advantage of mixing weed with tobacco is that it can help with your memory. Nicotine makes your brain sharper for a short duration.

 This is useful when the THC slows down the neuron responses.

But that is the only advantage of mixing weed with baccy. There are several disadvantages of smoking a spliff.

The same research also found out that a spliff will increase your blood pressure and heart rate temporarily. But the biggest problem is the addictive nature of tobacco. By itself, weed is the most non-addictive substance. Tobacco, on the other hand, is one of the most addictive and dangerous substances. Studies suggest mixing them may develop a dependency on Cannabis.

 According to statistics, about 61% of people who smoke a spliff are bound to get addicted to marijuana or even migrate to cigarettes. Among pure cannabis smokers, there is an 80% chance they will stay away from cigarettes.

So, what does it mean to a casual non-smoker?

 If you are currently not addicted to cigarettes, you are better off smoking only marijuana. If your friend offers a mixed joint, say ‘no thanks’. Your wallet and your health will be grateful. If you have smoked a mixed joint in the past, let that one be your last.

 If you are travelling through Europe and someone offers you a joint, ask them if it’s pure or mixed before you accept.

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