Men addicted to porn at risk of erectile dysfunction

Looking at porn from time to time is something many people all over do. That includes both men and women of all ages. At the same time, you have some men who go a step further. For them, pornography is an addiction in the same way drugs or alcohol are for others. Recently, new studies detailing the dangers of too much porn are making headlines. Particularly for men who are obsessed with smut. The research found that males who have this habit are more likely to experience ED or erectile dysfunction.

People who hear or read about these findings may have doubts. Yet with so much free porn available, this is becoming an increasing problem all over the world. Some may think that it is another way for people who opposed porno to try and scare them into not looking at it. Then you have those who feel this tactic may be one used by religious rights leaders or people with that mindset. However, these studies are independent of any particular agenda. Most of them are carried out by unaffiliated scientists or doctors.

A problem for some may be how they are looking at this issue. Porn doesn’t actually affect the penis inasmuch as it causes problems in the brain. As a person becomes used to sexually graphic images over time, their libido drops. Especially once they reach the bedroom. While they may not have problems being aroused by porn itself, their brain won’t be stimulated by their spouse or partner at the moment. Furthermore, the problem can be both psychological and physical. One of the main causes for concern is the age of those being affected. Most would think that ED is something that only happens to older men. While that is true for the most part, it happens to young males as well. Still, when it comes to those who watch too much porno, it is mostly young men who are having problems with erections.

Younger males tend to spend long hours looking at pornographic content. Pay sites such as Brazzers have millions of visitors each month. Yet most of their movies depict situations that can be problematic for men. Women are treated as sex objects or perform sex acts that are wild or too raunchy. Anal sex, deep throat oral sex which leads to forced gagging, is common in some of these videos. So are other situations which are unlikely to happen to men in real life. Unfortunately for them, this is where some of the issues of erectile dysfunction begin.

Males who watch these types of porno movies may want or expect that same or similar situation to happen with their sexual partners. When the women in their lives are unable to perform at this level or do what they’ve seen, it leads to lack of interest. Slowly, the situations they see in the adult movies become far more arousing than real sex itself. Although this is an issue for men who watch too much porn, there are some things to consider. It is still unknown if those who only view porn periodically are also affected. And if it is having a slow impact somehow in situations later down the road. Clearly, any addiction is a problem for those affected by it. Now it appears that pornography can be added as one worthy of concern.